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The Fly Writer: Genesis

I’m Dave Pearl: The Fly Writer.

Flying and airplanes are my passion. Growing up, I loved books about World War II pilots; Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and God is My Co-pilot were my favorites.

In third grade, I even wrote a letter to the FAA announcing my intention to become a Navy fighter pilot and aeronautical engineer. I would purchase my fighter plane and fly it around the world. The FAA even wrote back to me, encouraging me to pursue my dream!

I got it part right. I did become a Navy pilot but did not fly fighter jets. Instead of an engineer, I became an attorney, but I did specialize in aviation law. I defended pilots, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and aviation businesses including several significant jury trials.

As proud as I was to help aviators as a lawyer, I always wished I could do more than damage control. I never got involved with a client until after something terrible–a crash, an injury, a mechanical failure, etc.–had already occurred.

I often dreamed about helping a client before something terrible happened--to have the opportunity to make things better...not just stop the bleeding...to act instead of reacting! So, when I left my practice, I decided to do just that: to help clients build and improve their businesses.

As an experienced attorney, I know that most businesses find it difficult to communicate what they do to the clients they most want to serve. As accomplished as they may be on the technical and operational sides of their business, they often struggle to define what they do in a way that attracts and engages their target audience.

That’s where I come in. As a lawyer and now as a writer, effective communication is my stock in trade. I’m good at it.

It is a cliche that no matter how great a particular product or service may be, no business will succeed unless people know about it. My clients do great work and produce beautiful products. I help them build connections with the people who need their products and services.

First, I help clients define the extraordinary qualities that make their products and services unique. Then we work together to create clear, compelling messages that we direct to specific target audiences.

All effective writing must have these elements:

  1. It must be clear; easily understood
  2. It must be persuasive; credible/ believable
  3. It must be engaging; the reader should feel that the writer is speaking to him/her
Dave Pearl
Dave Pearl typing on a laptop

Everything I write for a client contains these elements. Additionally, to ensure that I can address virtually any writing task, I completed several certification courses with the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI):

American Writers & Artists Institute
American Writers & Artists Institute
American Writers & Artists Institute
American Writers & Artists Institute

As a freelance writer, I often tell my clients, "if you need something written, I can write it. We can work out the specifics as we go."

I believe all writers would agree that we write best about what we know best. So, before I even try to write anything for a client, I invest significant time and energy in learning as much as possible about what they do, what they want and who they most want to serve.

I view my relationships with my clients as collaborations; I work with them more than I work for them. I like to start small and build from there as we come to know and trust each other. I strive to establish working relationships with my clients where we both commit to achieving a common objective.

I invite questions and comments and welcome the opportunity to work with anyone interested in promoting or improving their business through better communication.

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