The Fly Writer: Genesis

Dave Pearl, The Fly Writer I’m Dave Pearl: The Fly Writer.

Flying and airplanes are my passion. Growing up, I loved books about World War II pilots; Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and God is My Co-pilot were my favorites.

In third grade, I even wrote a letter to the FAA announcing my intention to become a Navy fighter pilot and aeronautical engineer. Then, I would purchase my own fighter plane and fly it all over the world. (and the FAA replied!)

I got it part right. I did become a Navy pilot, but did not fly fighter jets. Instead of an engineer, I became an attorney, but I did specialize in aviation law. I defended pilots, aircraft manufacturers, airlines and aviation businesses in various legal proceedings including major jury trials.

As proud as I was to help aviators as a lawyer, I always wished I could do more than damage control. I never got involved until after something bad–a crash, an injury, a mechanical failure, etc.–had occurred.

I often dreamed about working with a client before something bad happened. I wanted the chance to make things better; not just stop the bleeding–to act instead of react!

So, when I retired from my practice, I decided to take that chance.

Having worked with airlines, aircraft manufacturers, FBOs, mechanics, and pilots, I know they often struggle to communicate effectively with their target audiences. As a lawyer, communication is my stock in trade. I’m good at it.

It is a cliche in business that no matter how great the product or service, nothing happens unless people know about it. My clients do great work and produce wonderful products, but their businesses depend upon connecting those products and services with the people who need them. That’s where I come in.

I help clients define the special qualities that make their products and services unique. Then we work together to create clear, compelling messages for specific target audiences.

Legal writing does differ from business writing in some respects, but the differences are minor. Clarity, persuasion and engagement are key to both.

Just to make sure that I can handle virtually any business writing task, I completed several certification courses with the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI):

Qualified to Create Chat Bots Qualified to Write Video Scripts Verification for E-mail Marketing Verification of Site Content Audit Qualification

As I often say to my clients, ” if you need something written, I can write it. We can work out the specifics as we go.”

I learned long ago that the better I know my clients, the better the work I can do for them. How can I write about your business, your products and services unless I have a thorough understanding of them?

Consequently, before I will undertake any project, I will devote substantial time and effort to learning as much as possible about you and what you want. I collaborate with my clients more than simply work for them.

I like to start small and build from there as we come to know and trust each other. I consider any work relationship to be a mutual arrangement where both parties commit to a common objective.

By way of closing, I invite questions and commentary and welcome the opportunity to work with anyone interested in promoting aviation or improving their business through better communication.

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